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Corporate Loans / BG's

  • International Jurisdictions
  • Bi-lateral & Syndicated
  • Competitive Lending Rates
  • Flexible Terms

We are pleased to announce that ECC Investments have been granted the opportunity to package corporate loan applications on behalf of several private lenders and equity investors. Working closely with these lenders, ECC Investments are able to facilitate medium term loans to selected clients for project finance, expansion capital, acquisitions and trading positions. We are able to facilitate all aspects of the application from initial approval to obtaining adequate security on behalf of our clients.

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Asset Funding

  • Diamonds
  • Cars
  • Property
  • Gold 

If you have any type of Asset that you want to release funds. we are happy to make you an offer. 

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  • Oil and Gas ( Direct guaranteed)
  • Gold and Diamond / Gems
  • Meat and Foods ( direct)
  • Rice, Wheat, Suger, Veg Oil etc (always direct)
  • Keeping track of the growing demand for Commodities we strive to give the best prices direct from our suppliers if it be Govermentle, private or direct from the farmers and refinaries we have a way. Let us know what you are looking for so we can give you the best price. 

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Where to Find Us

We are located in the 
Murcia region of Spain. 



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For more information contact:

 Dale:   +34 634379626     (Spain) 

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